If We Save Our Children We Save America

Saving Our Children   If We Save Our Children…We Save America 1719 Stella CourtBaltimore, Maryland 21207poetry1119@gmail.com To: Parents, Grandparents, Family Members, Neighbors, Friends, School Administrators, Teachers, School Administrators, Pastors, Politicians, Police Departments, Newspapers, Radio and Television Personalities and Our Communities-At-Large.  From: This Day Forward Dear Pastor: My name is David Wardell Johnson, Jr. I am a Writer, Author, Poet, Children’s Activist and Motivational Speaker. I write poetry about various aspects of life however; I prefer poetry that focuses on uniting families. When it comes to African American Families, my poetry is aimed at those responsible for “Saving Our Children,” African American adults. MEN primarily, since for the most part Women has been stepping up and stepping in while Men have been running out or being locked away from their responsibilities.  My first book “If We Save Our Children…We Save America has been published and on the market. I am diligently working on my second. The future facing our young people are bordering on bleak and deplorable. Adults are not living up to their responsibilities. Time is running out to save our current and future generations. We must come together and do it NOW, if our young people are to have a chance at success and survival. If they are going to have anything other than teen births, drugs, prisons and death we must act and act now. THEIR FUTURE. Those two words are monumental when it comes to our children. Giving them a chance at a successful future will not materialize if we continue to ignore their cries for HELP. It does “take a village to raise a child,” and that has never been truer than here and now. It is truly a BLESSING to find myself in the positions I am today. Growing up I did not have the luxury of parental guidance or a family to fall back on. As a result, my life experiences have gone from horrible to great. Thanks to our Creator and concerns from absolute strangers, I survived and I am determined to carry on this extremely important mission. Unfortunately, I cannot do it alone. I need your help  (2) My life experiences are what books and movies derive from. Right now, I am concerned with sharing it in poetic fashion and in person. It is my way of motivating those responsible into doing whatever necessary to strengthen our young people. The majority of our young people are good, with parental, community and academic supervision; they can and will become great. Knowing you are in a position to do so, I ask you to allow me to share my work, my story and my poetry with and audience. If you have or have not heard about me I urge you to contact me. I would also like you to view my book on “Amazon.com” or “futureauthor.com” If you like what you read and decide to purchase a copy all monies goes to an organization my wife and are setting up to benefit children. I know first hand what it is like educationally for our children. My wife taught in the Baltimore, Maryland City School System for thirty plus years and we conversed daily. Some of the things teachers endure from students and parents are heart wrenchingly depressing. Support for the message I am conveying runs from classrooms, communities, church pews, State Capitols, City Halls and Capitol Hill. When I hear about children being killed by pedophiles, drive by shootings or other children, I am sickened to my stomach. These things are not just happen in one or two States but throughout the United States. It is clear that many with the power to change things are more concerned about matters outside the United States like Iraq, Afghanistan and other foreign countries we stand to benefit from financially. Having said that, we best take matters into our own hands and make saving and educating our children, a top priority. Adults, we must lead by example and right now the examples we are setting borders on insanity. Insanity is destroying our children’s future and our own. Editors, I am asking your help in winning this war of survival facing not just, African American Children but All Children. Thank you for your time and I anxiously await your response. Sincerely,   David W. Johnson, Jr., PresidentPoems & Poems In A Frame(410) 265-8903 (H/O)(410) 646-5187 ext. 14 (D/O)(410) 984-3086 (M), poetry1119@gmail.com


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